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Help Section

A guide to using the website and some frequently asked questions.

Guide to the website

This section will show you how to use the UniGrades website with explanations for each of its features.

General Overview

Below shows a map of the UniGrades user interface with an explanation for each section:

These are the year tabs. Use them to change which year you want to view.

This is the year overview bar. It displays information about the year you have selected.

These are the modules for the year you have selected. Simply click on one to display your assignments and exams.

This is the course bar. It displays information about your whole course (i.e all the years of your course).


This section will explain the different features of UniGrades.

Progress Bar

The progress bar shows how much of the year's work you have done so far. It also takes into account how much the work is worth.

Yearly Grade

Your yearly grade is your current grade for the selected year. It calculates this by adding up what you have scored in each assignment and exam as well as how much of the year it was worth.

Course Grade

Very similar to the yearly grade, this is your current grade for your course. This grade takes into account what percentage of your course each assignment and exam is worth.

Course Target

Your course target is the final grade that you want to achieve at the end of your degree. Once selecting an option, the feature below it will show you whether your target is achievable and what grade you need to gain in the rest of your assignments and exams in order to achieve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep my account for?

For as long as you have a current university email address. Since this is the method of communication we use, then it is essential that you have access to a university email address.

Why do I need a UK university email address?

Since UniGrades is designed solely to help students at university, it is necessary to clarify that users are infact students. Whilst there are many ways of doing this, we have found that the easiest is by verifying academic institution email addresses.